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Local Plan Chapters

The Local Plan provides local planning policies to provide for both change and conservation in the borough.

However, since its adoption some changes have been made to the Local Plan as a result of the 'saving' of policies in March 2009, the adoption of the Core Strategy in June 2010 and the adoption of the Site Allocations Local Plan in July 2016. As a result, some policies have been removed from the Local Plan as they are no longer valid. These changes are reflected in the Local Plan Chapters. Policies that are no longer valid have been struck through. Double strike through indicates the 2009 and 2010 changes and single strike through indicates the more recent 2016 changes.

An updated list of Local Plan 2006 saved policies can be viewed in our Local Plan 2006 remaining saved policies.

Please note that the Development Plan for the borough now comprises of the saved Local Plan 2006 policies, the Core Strategy 2010 and the Site Allocations Local Plan 2016 and these should be read in conjunction with each other.