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Private water supplies

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is responsible for the registration, risk assessment, sampling and enforcement of private water supplies and distribution systems in its area.

A private water supply is ‘any supply of water other than a public water supply provided by a water company or a licensed water supplier'.

A private distribution system occurs when mains water is supplied to a site or property and is then distributed to other buildings which are not owned or occupied by the same company, organisation or person and the occupants or residents pay for the water in fees or maintenance charges to the owner of the premises, not the water undertaker.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is allowed to charge for work involved in assessing systems to cover its costs - the maximum charges are set by law and are shown in the downloadable leaflet on this page.

If you think you are on a private water supply, a private distribution system or have a problem with one you can find out more by contacting us or contacting the Drinking Water Inspectorate. If you have any questions or problems with mains water contact South East Water.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council keeps a public register of private water supplies, please contact us if you would like to view it.