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Bay suspension requests

Suspensions are when an on-street bay is suspended for the sole use of the customer.

Bay Suspensions are given for specific bays where highway works or foot way diversions take place within the bay or for when large vehicles have to load, unload or need access to properties adjacent to the bays.

Before you start

If you would like to apply for a bay suspension please email us with the following information:

  • exact location of bay(s):
    • road name followed by an accurate description of the location using house numbers and/or landmarks
  • where will the actual work take place:
    • a property
    • a road
    • a footway
  • whether you will be using any equipment and/or apparatus that will cause a highway to be closed or partially closed, requiring a Kent County Council (KCC) permit
  • your KCC permit reference number (if one is required)
  • a brief description of what type of work is to be undertaken
  • start and finish dates
  • your contact details


  • there is a charge of £80 for each request which will last up to seven days
  • additional days are charged at £20 per day

Contact us

Minimum notice period

Please apply at least five working days before the suspension start date, to enable us to process your request in time.

Applications received less than five working days before the required date will be considered but approval cannot be guaranteed.

Extending a parking suspension

You can apply to extend an existing suspension by contacting us. Extension of an existing suspension will be charged at £20 for each additional day

If you do not apply for an extension, the suspension will be terminated on the end date of the original application.

Refund for cancellation

We can only grant a full refund if you cancel your request at least 5 working days before the start date.

Kent County Council work permit

Roads and pavements should be kept clear and safe as much as possible. Sometimes work and events mean that a highway may need to be closed or partially closed. This requires a licence from Kent County Council.

If you think you may need a Kent County Council permit to work on the highway, please visit the Kent County Council Apply for a highways permit or licence web page for more information and to apply for a permit if you need one.


Your vehicles may also need Dispensations to park on a waiting restriction or in a Permit Bay. This only applies to commercial vehicles and does not cover Private Light Goods (PLG) vehicles.

The Dispensation may be issued for legitimate works requiring regular (for example once every 20 minutes) access for the use of tools or equipment that cannot easily be removed from the vehicle or where the vehicle itself is needed in order to carry out a function.

Dispensations are purchased on the day via RingGo