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Bay suspension requests

On-street parking bays can be suspended to allow work to take place on or adjacent to the highway, for purposes including:

  • Construction
  • Event
  • Excavating
  • Parking vehicles
  • Placing a skip
  • Storage of equipment or materials
  • Traffic diversion

Before you start

We require the following information to process an application:

  • name and address (and business details where applicable) of the applicant along with an email address and phone number
  • nature of the work requiring the suspension
  • start and finish dates
  • road name and an accurate description of the location, for example, “12 metres outside numbers 1-5 High Street”
  • Kent County Council permit or licence number (if applicable)


  • £100 per suspension (set-up cost), plus £10 per 6 metre bay, per day

Apply now

Terms and conditions

10 working days’ notice.

No refunds are given if the suspension is cancelled.

Date and bay length amendments can be made with 10 working days notice, otherwise no amendments can be made.

Kent County Council permit

A suspension does not give permission to work or store/place materials/objects on the highway.  You may require a permit from Kent County Council. Apply for a highways permit or licence.


Dispensations allow vehicles to park on a waiting restriction. For further information see our Dispensations page.