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Drains and sewers

The Council does not own any drains or sewers except for those in its own properties. The Council has no responsibilities for cleaning or maintaining sewers or drains in the borough.

A sewer takes the foul drainage from more than one property, if these are damaged or blocked you should contact Southern Water.

A drain takes the foul drainage from only one property, if these are blocked or damaged it is up to the owner to unblock or fix them.

If someone does not do this the Council can take enforcement action against them to have the drain fixed.

If you are having a problem with someone who is not getting their drain fixed please contact us.

Cesspools, private drainage systems and other type of rural drainage are the responsibility of the houses that they serve.

If someone has a faulty rural drainage system that goes into a water course the Environment Agency can take action against them and they need a consent to discharge from the Agency. If it does not go into a water course and causes a problem the Council can take action against them.

If you are having a problem with a rural drainage system please contact us.

Highway drainage is the responsibility of Kent Highways.