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Representations and next steps

Earlier stages

All duly-made representations to the Issues and Options Consultation, Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) and Pre-Submission Local Plan (Regulation 19) have been screened, uploaded and subsequently summarised in the following documents:

The Submission Local PlanSustainability Appraisal, and Submission Core Documents along with the Consultation Statement for the Submission Local Plan (Part 1 and Part 2 October 2021) were submitted to the Secretary of State for Independent Examination on 1 November 2021. Further detail is available on the Examination of the Local Plan webpage.

Consultation on the council’s response to Inspector’s Initial Findings (January – April 2024)

The council has recently undertaken a public consultation between 15 January 2024 and 12 April 2024, focussing on the proposed changes to the Submission Local Plan following the Inspector’s Initial Findings in November 2022. Further details about this consultation can be found on the Consultation on council's response to inspector's initial findings webpage.

View details of the Representations received in response to this consultation. Summary tables of the representations received to the most recent consultation in response to the Inspector’s Initial Findings which include the council’s response to the representations can be viewed under the Submission Local Plan and Core Documents webpage (see Post Initial Findings Evidence Base Documents PS_077a to 077i).

Next steps

Following the above public consultation carried out in response to the Inspector’s initial findings, Stage 3 Local Plan examination hearing sessions will be held this Summer (June and July 2024).

Further details about the hearing session schedule, relevant Matters, Issues and Questions, participation and links to other information can be found on the council’s Examination of the Local Plan webpage.

The overview webpage sets out the remaining stages in the production of the Local Plan, and further details are also available in the Local Development Scheme (LDS) December 2023. The LDS sets out the remaining stages and timescale the adoption of the Local Plan, expected to be at the end of 2024.