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Local Development Scheme

Councils must produce a Local Development Scheme (LDS), which sets out details of the planning policy documents that the council has adopted or is currently preparing, and those it intends to prepare.

The LDS provides information to interested parties to help them participate in the plan-making process.

The latest LDS December 2023 sets out the timescales for the remaining stages for the production and adoption of the new Local Plan, as well as of other planning documents that the council expects to prepare over the next three years.

The LDS gives local residents and other interested parties information about

  • the documents the council will be preparing
  • the subject matter and geographical area to which these documents relate
  • the timetable for their preparation and adoption

A copy of the current LDS is available below. It should be noted that the timetable for the Local Plan, as well as the scope and programming of related documents, will be reviewed if necessary as the examination of the Local Plan progresses.

In relation to the Local Plan evidence documents, a full and updated list is provided on the supporting documents page.