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Previous stages

The new Local Plan has been through previous periods of public consultation, as listed below, and set out in the overview.

There have been two public consultations under Regulation 18 of the Local Planning regulations, which relate to the preparatory stages of Local Plan preparation. The first was on the Issues and Options in 2017, and the second on a Draft Local Plan in 2019.

A third public consultation on the Local Plan, related to a Regulation 19 Pre-Submission Local Plan, which took place in 2021.

The Local Plan was submitted on 1 November 2021, along with all supporting documents, to the Secretary of State for independent examination. The Local Plan remains subject to this examination stage.

The council has recently undertaken a public consultation as part of the Examination, focussing on the proposed changes to the Submission Local Plan following the Inspector’s Initial Findings in November 2022.

Further information is available on the Consultation on the council's response to the inspector's initial findings webpage.

Details can be found on the pages listed below.

Please refer to the Representations and next steps webpage for more information on the representations received to the above consultations.