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Out of hours and emergencies


We operate an out of hours service for genuine emergencies only. These might include reporting a serious accident at work, or a request for emergency housing. We can also deal with missing or found dogs.

Situations that we do not deal with as emergencies:

  • ongoing noise problems
  • pest control
  • routine faulty street lights not classed as an emergency
  • graffiti (if a crime is in progress please contact the police)
  • racial harassment (if a crime is in progress please contact the police)

The majority of requests can be made on our website, and will be passed to the relevant department directly.

Report it

Noise complaints

We only operate an out of hours service to cover emergency problems, which includes noise affecting numerous people, such as intruder and car alarms, or noisy parties about which numerous individual complaints are received. All other noise complaints should be reported using our online form.

We do not operate a call out service for dealing with noise complaints which are already being investigated, or which can be reported during office hours for investigation.

Please be aware that the out of hour’s duty officer will be responding from home, so it may take some time to arrive at the site.

Contact the out of hours service on 01892 352777.


In the event of an emergency you should contact the police by calling 999.

During most major emergencies and particularly chemical related major emergencies, the initial instructions from the emergency services is for residents in the affected area to:

Go in - Stay in - Tune in

You should:

  • go indoors immediately
  • close all windows
  • avoid cellars and basements
  • tune in to the radio
  • regular updates will be given, including the all clear once the emergency is over

Severe weather

The Met Office website provides advice on what to expect and how to prepare for severe weather.

Our severe weather page provides information about changes to council services during periods of severe weather.


The Environment Agency website provides practical advice on preparing for a flood and what to do during and after a flood. You can also view a flood warnings and river levels map.

Local media

Emergency plan

We have (in conjunction with Kent County Council) certain responsibilities and powers to make, keep under review, and revise plans to cope with the effects of a major civil emergency within all or part of the borough. Further information can be found on our emergency plan page.


An emergency response for streetlights will only be provided where there is an imminent risk to health and safety, and this is classified as:

  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Dangerously leaning column about to fall over
  • Column that has fallen over
  • The lantern at the top looks like it is about to fall off and could cause serious injury

Before reporting a faulty streetlight including for an emergency you must first establish it is a light maintained by the Borough Council.

Please note we look after 700 lights only, whereas the County manage over 5000 lights in our borough, and we cannot take action for a streetlight that is not ours.Report a faulty street light