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Report littering or dog fouling

Tell us about a litter problem on the roads or pavements, including:

  • broken glass
  • dog fouling
  • leaves
  • litter
  • needles / sharps
  • vomit

Before you start

We prioritise clearing dangerous litter such as needles and broken glass.

Other litter is cleared within 2 working days of receiving a report.

If there are large amounts of rubbish dumped or if it's a big item (such as a sofa), you should report it as fly-tipping.

If you are reporting littering on the A21, when prompted to search for a road name, please enter 'Pembury bypass'. You will then be able to drag a map pin to the location of the littering.

Start now

Littering and dog fouling fines

Fixed penalty notices are issued if you drop litter or let your dog foul and don't pick it up.

For full details please see our pay a fixed penalty notice page.