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Building & DIY Waste

Householders carrying out building works or DIY can dispose of small amounts of waste at the North Farm waste recycling site in Tunbridge Wells. 

As of 1 October 2012 the amount of soil, rubble and hardcore will be limited to:

  • 90kg (190lbs) per visit by a single vehicle of combined trailer
  • This weight represents the amount you could fit easily in a standard hatchback car boot
  • To help you, 33 bricks is equivalent to 90kg

For larger quantities you may need to consider hiring a skip or a company to remove the material.


There is nowhere in the county for recycling paint. 

Paint tins can be taken to North Farm for disposal, please see the staff on site for advice. 

Empty paint cans can be left to dry and then disposed of in the scrap metal container at North Farm.

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