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Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

The Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA), dated July 2019, provides an assessment of all the sites submitted in response to ‘Calls for Sites’ during the plan-making process, as well as other identified sites, notably those allocated in the earlier Site Allocations Local Plan that have not yet been developed. The SHELAA contains the sites considered as part of the preparation of the Draft Local Plan.

The full SHELAA document can be viewed below, with site assessment sheets grouped by parish or settlement.

Information on the locations of all the sites submitted to the Council can be found on the interactive map (see link below). Sites are recorded as falling into one of the following categories:

  1. Sites assessed within the SHELAA. These include:
    1. sites submitted through the call for sites;
    2. sites received after the call for sites referred to as ‘late sites’ [prefixed ‘LS’] received prior to 22 February 2019;
  2. New sites submitted during the Draft Local Plan public consultation [prefixed DPC]
    [NB There may be sites assessed in the SHELAA that were also commented upon as part of the Draft Local Plan consultation, but these are not separately identified if not new sites.]
  3. Further sites submitted after the SHELAA cut-off and outside the Draft Local Plan consultation period [prefixed FS]

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Please note that while the Council can receive the submission of sites for future development through the Local Plan at any time, any sites submitted from the beginning of June 2020 onwards cannot be considered for inclusion in the Pre-Submission Local Plan, as there would be insufficient time to fully assess them. This does not prevent sites from being submitted during the next stage of consultation on the Local Plan, which is scheduled for March/April 2021.