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Tunbridge Wells Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been produced by consultants JBA Consulting on behalf of the Council, covering the whole borough of Tunbridge Wells. This work is broken down into two separate components as set out below:

The Level 1 SFRA:

  • provides up to date information and guidance on flood risk for Tunbridge Wells borough, considering the latest flood risk information in relation to up to date national policy
  • determines the variations in risk from all sources of flooding in Tunbridge Wells borough
  • identifies the requirements for site-specific flood risk assessments
  • determines the acceptability of flood risk in relation to emergency planning capability
  • considers opportunities to reduce flood risk to existing communities and developments

The Level 2 SFRA:

  • provides an assessment of strategic parcels that have been identified to be at risk of flooding on the basis of the Level 1 SFRA, these have been assessed in further detail, with updated fluvial flood risk modelling carried out to determine the potential suitability for development that is safe for its intended life, taking into account climate change
  • identifies flood risk management and mitigation measures to support allocation of sites to ensure flood risk is not increased and that betterment can be achieved
  • technical notes to inform future assessment and site consideration work beyond the scope of the study – these are available upon request; please contact if you would like to view these documents

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