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Near-miss reporting tool now available

The Council now has a reporting tool for residents to report near-misses on our roads.

If you have a close call, either as a driver, a cyclist, a horse rider or as a pedestrian, or if you simply witness a near-miss, please let us know about it. Examples of near-misses are if you had to perform an emergency stop while driving or swerve to avoid an oncoming car or pedestrian. Near-misses for pedestrians include if you have had to step back on the pavement while trying to cross the road or saw someone else have to do so. This is particularly relevant where people and vehicles intersect, such as junctions and crossings.

Community Safety Manager Terry Hughes said: ‘Minor incidents, and near-misses, often go unreported. The new reporting tool will give residents the ability to quickly and easily inform the Community Safety Unit of any close calls on our roads. This may subsequently generate awareness-raising opportunities in repeat locations which could contribute to safer roads in Tunbridge Wells.’

The reporting tool is available online from 1 April for a period not less than 12-months, and we will report quarterly findings to Kent County Council as they are the Highways Authority. At the end of the 12-month pilot an assessment of the scheme will be carried out to determine if it should remain in use.

Currently, the statutory requirement for Kent County Council is to review and validate injury-only collisions and so use of the near-miss tool does not guarantee that road or footway improvements will come about because of a near-miss report.

If you don’t have internet access you may make near-miss reports via the Council’s contact centre on 01892 526121.

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