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Bank of routes

The bank of routes only represents a sample of the potential routes that may come up as part of the driver licence computerised knowledge test. They do not represent all of the routes that may be part of the test. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they have a comprehensive knowledge of the borough to assist them in passing this element of the test.


Tunbridge Wells routes

1 Town Hall to Sankey’s Public House
2 Sankey’s to Waterdown Road
3 Waterdown Road to Paddock Wood Railway station
4 Paddock Wood Railway station to Town Hall
5 Town Hall to Odeon cinema Knights Park
6 Odeon cinema to Wilman Road
7 Wilman Road to The Pantiles
8 The Pantiles to Town Hall
9 Town Hall to Sports Centre St Johns Road
10 Sports Centre to Birchwood Avenue Southborough
11 Birchwood Avenue to Rusthall village centre
12 Rusthall village centre to Town Hall
13 Town Hall to B&Q Longfield Road
14 B&Q to Cleveland
15 Cleveland to New England Road
16 New England Road to Town Hall
17 Town Hall to Hare PH Langton Green
18 Hare PH Langton Green to Kibbles Lane Southborough
19 Kibbles Lane Southborough to Woodbury Park Road
20 Woodbury Park Road to Town Hall
21 Town Hall to Showfields Road
22 Showfields Road to Nevill Gate (Cricket Ground)
23 Cricket ground to Tesco at Pembury
24 Tesco at Pembury to Town Hall
25 Town Hall to St Matthews School Powder Mill Lane
26 Powder Mill Lane to Summervale Road
27 Summervale Road to Harries Road
28 Harries Road to Town Hall
29 Town Hall to Camden Arms High Street Pembury
30 Camden Arms to Kingswood Road
31 Kingswood Road to Broadmead
32 Broadmead to Town Hall
33 Town Hall to Tonbridge Police Station
34 Tonbridge Police station to Hythe Close Southborough
35 Hythe Close to Silverdale Road
36 Silverdale Road to Town Hall
37 Town Hall to Sankey’s Public House
38 Sankey’s Public House to Springfield Road
39 Springfield Road to Barnetts Way
40 Barnetts Way to Town Hall
41 Town Hall to Nelson Road
42 Nelson Road to BUPA Hospital Fordcombe Road
43 Fordcombe Road to Broadwater Down
44 Broadwater Down to Town Hall
45 Town Hall to Andrew Road
46 Andrew Road to Tunbridge Wells Railway Station
47 Railway station to Manor Road Rusthall
48 Manor Road to Town Hall
49 Town Hall to Aldi Longfield Road
50 Aldi to Sir Davids Park Southborough
51 Sir Davids Park to Tunbridge Wells (Pembury) Hospital
52 Tunbridge Wells Hospital to Town Hall

Rural routes

53 Town Hall to Camden Arms Pembury
54 Camden Arms to Matfield Green
55 Matfield Green to Waitrose Paddock Wood
56 Waitrose Paddock Wood to Town Hall
57 Town Hall to Gun & Spitroast Horsmonden
58 Gun & Spitroast to John Brunt VC Paddock Wood
59 John Brunt VC to Tunbridge Wells Hospital
60 Tunbridge Wells Hospital to Town Hall
61 Town Hall to Tunbridge Wells Hospital
62 Tunbridge Wells Hospital to Maidstone Road, Horsmonden
63 Maidstone Road to School Hill Lamberhurst
64 School Hill to Town Hall
65 Town Hall to Camden Arms Pembury
66 Camden Arms to Mascalls School
67 Mascalls School to Wheelwrights Arms Matfield
68 Wheelwrights Arms to Town Hall