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Designated wheelchair accessible vehicles

The council maintains a list of designated wheelchair accessible vehicles in accordance with Section 167 of the Equality Act 2010.

Plate numbers starting H are Hackney Carriage vehicles and P are Private Hire vehicles.
MakeModel Plate number Proprietor or operator Contact details
Ford Procab H 100 Mr Danny Johnson 07743 831893
Mercedes Vito H 101 Mr Perver Kaplankiran 01892 888888
Peugeot Expert E7 H  102 Mr Saif Ullah Arain  
Volkswagen Caddy H 103 Mr Ozan Kubatli 07446 131485
Peugeot Expert E7 H 104 Mr Lutfullah Rahmani 01892 322888
Mercedes Vito H 105 Mr Shujaullah Baraki 07479 324037
Peugeot E7 H 106 Mr Hulkan Altinbas 07970 699878 or 01892 570217
Mercedes Vito H 107 Qobad Ahmadzai 01892 322422
Vauxhall Vivaro H 108 Mr Abdul Karim Anwari  
Peugeot Expert E7 H 2 Mr Paul Maynard 07860 654842
Volkswagen Caddy Maxi H 38 Mr Hasan Mahmood  
Ford Tourneo H 47 Mr Richard John Barker  
Volkswagen Caddy H 50 Mr Matiullah Hamidi  
Mercedes Vito H 57 Mr Ben Acres 01622 750000
Volkswagen Caddy Maxi H 61 Mr Ben Acres 01622 750000
London Taxi TX4 H 62 Mr Ali Mokbul  
Ford Tourneo H 93 Mr Said Bouamra 01892 888888
Volkswagen Transporter H 94 Mr Vasimkhan Pathan  
Volkswagen Caddy H 95 Mr Cihan Akpunar 07578 466866
Peugeot Partner H 96 Mr Julius Anika  
Mercedes Vito H 97 Mr Ben Acres 01622 750000
Ford Tourneo H 98 Mr Richard Barker  
Ford Tourneo H 99 Mr Mohamed Fazil 07912 352006
Ford Transit P 438 Mr Nicholas Kevin Fichtmuller  
Volkswagen Caddy P 143 Mr Said Bouamra 01892 888888
Volkswagen Caddy P 140 Mr Said Bouamra 01892 888888
PeugeotExpertP 138Sultan
MercedesVitoP 116Mr Sachin Mandli 
FordJourneyP 160Mr Clive
PeugeotPartnerP 115Mr Hassan
MercedesVitoP 146Muazzam Hussain 
PeugeotBoxerP 162Mir Monir
CitroenBerlingoP 101Mir Monir Hossain 
Please note that inclusion on this list does not imply any recommendation or endorsement by the council.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council cannot accept responsibility for the content of any external websites.

The Department for Transport has produced statutory guidance on Access for wheelchair users to taxis and private hire vehicles.

Section 166 of the Act allows licensing authorities to exempt drivers from these duties, if they are satisfied that it is appropriate to do so, on medical grounds or because the driver’s physical condition makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for them to comply with the duties.

To apply for an exemption please visit our application for exemption under the Equality Act 2010 page.

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