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Grants for housing adaptations, and financial assistance

To apply for any of the following grants or financial assistance, please contact our Private Sector Housing team.

For further and detailed information please see our Housing Assistance Policy 2021 – 2026, which covers:

  • what the grant or financial assistance is for
  • who is eligible
  • the maximum amounts available
  • whether the grant or financial assistance is repayable, and the circumstances for repayment


Mandatory disabled facilities grant

The purpose of this grant is to provide adaptations for disabled people, and a financial assessment is required to see if there is a contribution towards the cost of the works (except for adaptations for children). It is a maximum of £30,000.

Discretionary disabled facilities assistance

This assistance is available in three situations:

    This assistance is available in three situations:

  • to help with a financial contribution for a disabled facilities grant in certain circumstances
  • to provide top-up funding for a disabled facilities grants where the work exceeds the maximum level of assistance
  • assistance for works not covered by a mandatory disabled facilities grant

Relocation assistance

Where homes are unsuitable for adaptation, a disabled person may wish to move to more suitable accommodation, which will be assessed by an occupational therapist. It is available for owner-occupiers and tenants, to a maximum of £10,000, to cover the costs involved in moving home.

Fast track disabled facilities grant

This grant is available to fund a stairlift or replace a defective one, or to provide new or replace defective equipment such as a door opening device, changing bench, wash-dry toilet or adjustable kitchen adaptation.

Warm homes assistance

This assistance is for the installation of energy efficiency measures such as the replacement of a broken or faulty boiler, the provision of central heating, and insulation. A maximum of £7,000 is available for any person living in a cold home with a diagnosed condition of:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • respiratory disease;
  • pulmonary disease;
  • mental health issues;
  • other multiple long term conditions and disability.

Support from a health professional is required.

Home enablement grant

We are providing funding for Town and Country Housing’s Health and Housing Co-ordinators to arrange essential works to enable a patient to be discharged from hospital or a rehabilitation unit to their home. Works can include deep cleaning and repairs to essential services and facilities.

Home Straight grant

We are providing funding for Town and Country Housing’s Home Straight Co-ordinator to assist people with hoarding and self-neglect issues, to arrange essential works such as cleaning and repairs.

Minor aids and assistance

We will work with partners to fund and provide minor aids and equipment specifically to assist people with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Home repairs assistance

This assistance is available to help owner-occupiers who have owned their properties for at least three years to fund repairs and improvements, for example a leaking roof or an unsafe electrical installation, up to a maximum of £20,000.

Applicants need to be over 60, or have a disability or a limiting long-term illness, or have children under 16. They also need to be receiving a qualifying benefit (see our policy for further information).

Energy efficiency assistance

The purpose of this assistance is to fund energy efficiency improvements based on the information in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), and where the EPC rating is D, E, F or G. A maximum of £3,500 is available. Loft and cavity wall insulation are prioritised.

Empty property assistance

This assistance is available for properties that have been empty for over six months, up to £20,000 per unit, for renovation or conversion. It is conditional on the council having tenant nomination rights for a three year period with the rent set at local housing allowance level.

Kent County Council also provides interest free loans, more information can be found at no-use-empty.

Handyperson scheme

The Mid and West Kent home improvement agency service provided by Town and Country Housing includes practical support, advice, adaptations, small handyperson jobs and information for older or disabled people to help them feel safe and independent in their home.