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Local Government Transparency Code

The local government transparency code sets out key principles for local authorities in creating greater transparency through the publication of open data.

The data on this page and across the website is published under the Open Government Licence. This is a free open licence for public sector bodies to licence the use and re-use of information and data easily. If you are intending to use any of our data please note the conditions of the licence.


Payments over £250

Our transparency on spend page publishes items of spending over £500 since April 2010 and items of spending over £250 from June 2012.

Government procurement card transactions

Our transparency on spend page publishes items of spending on procurement cards.

Procurement information

The Kent Business Portal provides details of the contracts awarded by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and our tenders and procurement pages hold information about our tenders and contracts.

Local authority land

As part of the requirement to make our data open and transparent, we publish a list of our land and property assets.

Our operational and non-operational asset lists can be downloaded below, and these include the following information:

  • unique property reference number
  • unique asset identity
  • address of building/land or both
  • map reference (easting/northing)
  • property tenure type
  • tenure details
  • holding type

File 15.5 KB

Social housing asset value

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council does not own any social housing assets.

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

Our transparency on spend page holds data relating to grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

Organisation chart

Chief Executive (Head of Paid Service)
Department:Chief Executive
Salary Bracket:£140,000-£144,999
  • Director of Change and Communities
    Department:Change and Communities
    Salary Bracket:£100,000 - £104,999
    • Head of Housing, Health and Environment
      Department:Housing, Health and Environment
      Salary Bracket:£80,000 - £84,999
      Budget: £5,358,490
    • Head of HR, Customer Service and Culture
      Department:HR, Customer Service and Culture
      Salary Bracket:£80,000 to £84,999
      Budget: £2,330,910
    • Head of Digital Services and Communications
      Department:Digital Services and Communications
      Salary Bracket:£70,000 - £74,999
      Budget: £853,200
    • Head of Facilities and Community Hubs
      Department:Facilities and Community Hubs
      Salary Bracket:£60,000 - £64,999
      Budget: £1,349,040
  • Director of Finance Policy and Development (S151 Officer)
    Department:Finance, Policy and Development
    Salary Bracket:£105,000 - £109,999
    • Head of Economic Development and Property
      Department:Economic Development and Property
      Salary Bracket: £80,000-£84,999
      Budget: £292,770
    • Head of Planning
      Salary Bracket:: £80,000 - £84,999
    • Head of Finance, Procurement and Parking
      Department:Finance, Procurement and Parking
      Salary Bracket: £85,000 - £89,999
      Budget: £841,450
    • Head of Governance and Democratic Services
      Department:Governance and Democratic Services
      Salary Bracket:£55,000 - £59,999

Trade Union facility time

Information for 2022/23

Transparency Code 2015 Part 2.2 Paragraph 45
Total number (absolute number and full time equivalent) of staff who are union representatives (including general, learning and health and safety representatives)7.04
Total number (absolute number and full time equivalent) of union representatives who devote at least 50 per cent of their time to union duties 0
Names of all trade unions represented in the local authority UNISON
A basic estimate of spending on unions (calculated as the number of full-time equivalent days spent on union duties multiplied by the average salary) £1,056.14
A basic estimate of spending on unions as a percentage of the total pay bill (calculated as the number of full-time equivalent days spent on union duties multiplied by the average salary divided by the total pay bill) 0.01%

Parking spaces and account

Information for 2022/23


  • on-street residents parking spaces: 3,266
  • on-street miscellaneous spaces: 467
  • off-street chargeable spaces: 3,940
  • off-street free for disabled badge holders: 135



Employee costs£1,170,112.43
Transport costs£16,231.30
Supplies and services£246,328.05
Central support service allocation£268,702.35
Capital charges£945,365.72
Premises costs£1,909,943.80


Penalty Charge Notices£1,255,823.43


Off Street surplus goes into the overall Council budget£1,897,369.88
On Street Deficit£159,292.06

Senior staff salaries

Senior staff are defined as including both statutory and non-statutory chief officers and their deputies.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has interpreted this as meaning the following roles:

  • Chief Executive (Head of the Paid Service)
  • Director of Shared MKS
  • Director of Change and Communities and
  • Director of Finance and Corporate Services
  • eight Heads of Service

The Head of Legal Services and the Deputy Monitoring Officer are Partnership employees employed by Swale Borough Council and therefore information regarding their pay is published by Swale Borough Council.

Senior salaries information is published on our transparency on spend page.


The Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's constitution sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose.

Pay policy statement and pay multiple

The following information regarding the pay multiplier is contained within the pay policy statement for 2022/23:

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has calculated the mean and median salaries of its staff, and the ratios between those and the highest paid member of staff as follows:

  • Mean Salary 2022/23 = £33,906
  • Median Salary 2022/23 = £29,849
  • Chief Executive as a ratio to Mean Salary = 3.95
  • Chief Executive as a ratio to Median Salary = 4.49
  • Chief Executive as a ratio to Grade C 100% Salary = 6.59

This Council believes that, as a general principle, the Chief Executive’s salary should be no more than ten times that of the lowest paid member of staff.


2022-2023 Counter Fraud work

Transparency Code 2015 Part 2.2 Section 53ResponseAdditional Information
Number of occasions they use powers under The Prevention of Social Housing Fraud (Power to require information (England) Regulations 2014 or similar Powers) 0

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council does not own housing stock. However, the Housing team will investigate possible fraud regarding housing applications.

Total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of employees undertaking investigations and prosecutions of fraud 1.5 Staff investigate cases that involve Council Tax and Non-domestic rates.  Staff joint work with the DWP and investigate Housing benefit where there is also Council Tax Support in payment.
Total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of professionally accredited counter fraud specialists 1.5  
Total amount spent by the authority on the investigations and prosecution of fraud £15,829Total cost of team is £229,988. However, Kent County Council funding is £149,900 and the three councils share the remaining cost. The actual cost to TUNBRIDGE WELLS was £15,829.
Total number of fraud cases investigated 33 This figure only represents cases where Council tax or Housing benefit has been looked at.  32 of these cases are for Tunbridge Wells.  The team look at many other cases where Single Person Discount is investigated, as well as other data sets being matched and then Council Tax/Business Rates/or other Exemptions/Discounts are reviewed.  We also work jointly with the DWP on Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support cases where there is an allegation of fraud. During most of 2022-23 some of the team were  deployed to cover other services within the sharded partnership to help with the COVID pandemic and the resulting cost of living crisis.