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Transparency on spend

You can search our financial data for a range of information, making it easy to see where the council spends taxpayer's money.

Some documents on this page may not be in an accessible format. If you require any documents in an accessible format, please complete our online form to request them.

Payments over £250

We have published information about items of spending over £500 since April 2010, and items of spending over £250 from June 2012.

View payments over £250

Purchasing card payments

The government's transparency agenda encourages local authorities to make public data openly available. As part of this, items of spending made using our purchasing cards can be viewed by month.

View card payments

The information provided for both payments over £250 and those made using our purchasing cards includes:

  • transaction date
  • the department which incurred the expenditure
  • amount in sterling
  • beneficiary

Potential interest and charges

The table below shows any potential interest and charges liable on invoices not paid within 30 days.

2019/20 £196.83 £236.13 £756 £567.22