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BBQs in parks

Advice for the safe use of barbecues (BBQs)

To avoid injuries or damage to property, all park users are required to follow these simple precautions:

  • no BBQs in the meadow areas
  • no BBQs are allowed after 9pm
  • disposable BBQs will only be allowed when placed on metal stands or bricks
  • the park furniture and other items must not be used
  • children and pets should be kept away from the BBQs so they don’t burn themselves
  • no throwing or sports games are allowed in the BBQ area
  • never leave the BBQ unattended

If your group consists of more than five people, you must seek permission for your BBQ from the Parks Team:


Telephone: 01892 554031

Disposing of your BBQ safely

  • ensure the BBQ is cool before attempting to move it
  • before you dispose of a used BBQ you must ensure that it has been totally extinguished, either let it burn out and go cold or pour water onto the fire

Park Keepers are in the park to ensure the safety of all park users and local residents. If they feel a BBQ is not safe and does not follow the guidelines above, they will extinguish the BBQ.

A bucket of water and sand is kept in front of the café (Calverley, Dunorlan, St John’s, and Grosvenor and Hilbert parks only).

In case of fire, always call 999.

Please take all your rubbish home with you.