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Arts development

Guidance for developers

We have produced a guide for developers, to assist them in their production and procurement of 'Public Art'.

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Arts Development Service

The Arts Development Service is available to help support anyone who currently works or who would like to work in the arts. If you are applying for an arts grant from us or another funding body, we are happy to advise you on your application.

The council supports the arts in several ways including:

  • Easter and summer holiday activities which are held across the borough
  • Applause - a rural touring scheme operating across West Kent
  • Trinity Theatre - an arts centre based in a former church in the centre of Tunbridge Wells
  • The Assembly Hall Theatre - offering a range of live music, children and family shows, musicals, and comedy shows
  • Queens Hall Theatre in Cranbrook - offering a diverse range of professional shows to appeal to all ages and tastes

The borough also boasts several contemporary public art features, which include:

  • Aquaflight in Cranbrook - a ceramic mural on the poolside at the Weald Sports Centre and won the Kent Public Art Award.
  • The Millennium Clock on Five Ways in Tunbridge Wells - the 5-metre clock is made of steel and bears fruit in the shape of numbers to represent the passing of time.
  • Charles Gurrey's memorial sculpture - placed in the Victoria Cross Memorial Grove in Dunorlan Park, the sculpture is made of Caithness stone and features text from a specially commissioned poem by Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate called 'Remembrance'.