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Contractor Link

Contractor Link by emapsite is a self-service mapping portal available for contractors to download Ordnance Survey mapping.

Open Contractor Link

If you require GIS/CAD data and are working on behalf of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, you have 24/7 access to OS data licensed under the public sector geospatial agreement:

  • instant online access to up to date, correctly licensed data
  • fully managed service takes care of authorisation, licensing and paperwork for you
  • application ready data supplied in your preferred format
  • ensures greater efficiency, reducing costly delays and administration

There is a flat service fee of £49 to access mapping, plus a variable charge on larger orders.

Your project details will be submitted automatically to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council for authorisation.

You will be notified by email as soon as the request is authorised and will then be able to download the data within a few minutes.

You can download the data in various formats.

The process complies with subcontractor terms and ensures completion of the necessary licensing documentation online.

A premier partner of Ordnance Survey, emapsite has a proven track record in delivering geographic data to thousands of regular clients in the contractor marketplace.