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Street naming and numbering


We are responsible for allocating new addresses and street names within the borough of Tunbridge Wells. This includes:

  • addressing new developments and property conversions
  • adding and updating property names
  • amending existing addresses in the Royal Mail database

We consult with Royal Mail for postcode allocation. We share the address data we hold with Royal Mail, postal and emergency services.

To make a street naming and numbering application, you must be the legal owner of the site or a legal representative acting on their behalf.

GeoPlace Exemplar Award

We have been awarded a Platinum Award for Address Data at the GeoPlace 2023 Exemplar Awards (opens in a new window). This award acknowledges local authorities that have maintained the highest level of address data quality.

GeoPlace Platinum Award 2023 Banner

Make an application

We can only accept street naming and numbering applications made online.

Before you start

You will need:

  • a credit or debit card to pay your fee (see application types and fees below)
  • a site plan(s) showing plot numbers and floor plans (if applicable)
  • relevant planning application and approved plan number(s) (if applicable)

Please also read our street naming and numbering guidance for more information.

Start your application

Application types and fees

You can make an application online for the following services:

Address correction £0 Correct spelling mistakes and postcode errors with your address.
Add a name to, remove, or change the name of a numbered property £80 Add a house name to your numbered property. The property will keep the number and the name will be added (for example, '1 Church Road' to become 'Tree House, 1 Church Road').
Change the name of a property £80 Change the name of your property (for example, change 'Blue House, High Street' to be 'Pink House, High Street').
Register a new address in an existing street £67 Register one new address. To register a new address, you must have approved planning permission and be the legal owner of the site.
Register multiple new addresses in an existing street £64 per plot or unit Register multiple new addresses. To register new addresses, you must have approved planning permission and be the legal owner of the site.
Developments including new streets £64 per plot or unit and £188 per street Register new addresses and street(s). This type of application must include 10 or more new properties for a new street to be considered.
Please note, following advice from Royal Mail, we cannot address land parcels.

The application process

  • We process applications as set out in our street naming and numbering policy.
  • If you apply to create a new street(s), we will consult with ward councillors and the parish council.
  • We send the address proposals to  Royal Mail for comment and postcode confirmation. This takes between 5 and 15 working days.
  • Once approved, we then issue the official Street Naming and Numbering Notice. We send the Notice to the applicant/developer and statutory bodies.
  • The time taken to process an application is dependent on its type. Simple applications like an address change often take less than one month. More complex applications that involve research or consultations will take longer to process.

Damaged or missing street signs

For damaged or missing street nameplates, please email our Street Scene team

For any enquires regarding road signs, please contact Kent County Council Highways.