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Monitoring information


Five-year housing land supply

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council updates its five-year housing land supply information annually. The most recent data shows the Council's position as at 01 April 2021 (updated in August 2021) for a five-year period to 31 March 2026.

The Five-Year Housing Land Supply Statement 2020/2021 below explains in detail the approach taken by the Council in producing the latest Statement, including an explanation on both how the target has been calculated and all components that have contributed to the borough's housing land supply.

Local authorities must calculate housing figures through the new Standard Method which uses the 2014 Household Projections to calculate housing targets.

The Council has identified that, inclusive of a 5% buffer required by the National Planning Policy Framework, it can currently demonstrate a housing land supply of 4.89 years. The Council therefore considers that it does not currently have a five-year housing land supply.

It should be noted that the position of 4.89 years supersedes the published position of 4.93 years, due to new information received during August 2021 regarding the extent of landownership issues which indicates that Brook House (consented under 17/03780/OUT for 25 dwellings) is unlikely to be currently considered available now, nor therefore deliverable. Consequently, the site has been removed from the supply.

The next Statement covering the period 2022-2027 will have regard to any changes introduced to national planning policy and guidance, as well as the status of the new Local Plan.

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Housing Delivery Test

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) has been introduced as a monitoring instrument to demonstrate whether local authorities are delivering sufficient homes to meet their housing need. The HDT, which was introduced in November 2018, compares the number of new homes delivered over the previous three years with the authority’s housing requirement for those years.

The latest HDT results were published in January 2021 and the Council delivered 85% against the requirement, which means that an Action Plan must be produced.

You can view the Housing Delivery Test Action Plan 2019/20, published in September 2021, below.

Local Plan - Authority Monitoring Report

The Council has published an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) in relation to Local Plan matters. It monitors key contextual indicators in relation to the demographic, social, economic and environmental characteristics of the borough and reviews progress against key indicators relevant to adopted generic Core Strategy (2010) policies. It also includes analysis of progress in the production of the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Development Plans in the borough. In addition, it specifically reviews progress under the ‘duty to cooperate’ on strategic planning matters.

Taken together, this monitoring provides vital information about the effectiveness of Core Strategy policies and the extent to which they are successful in achieving the Council’s strategic aims for the borough, as well as helping to inform policy directions in the new Local Plan.

The AMR, in conjunction with the Council’s Housing Monitoring Reports, fulfils the Council’s obligation to produce an AMR containing the above information at least annually and to make it publicly available. It relates to the period 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020, as it coincides with the statistical monitoring period, although in some cases commentary is added relating to more recent events where this is considered to be helpful.

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