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Referendum result on Lamberhurst Neighbourhood Plan

Residents in Lamberhurst have agreed a Neighbourhood Plan which gives their community power to shape development and growth in their local area.

Lamberhurst Parish Council prepared their Neighbourhood Plan with help and input from across the parish community, with the assistance of professional planning advisors. Throughout the process they were supported by members of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s Planning Policy team who provided training, feedback and assistance to the Parish Council and their volunteers, as well as advice on how the Neighbourhood Plan would work with the existing and emerging Local Plans.

Following examination of the Plan by an independent examiner who concluded that the document, subject to some amendments, met the basic conditions set down in legislation a referendum took place on Thursday 16 September 2021 which resulted in a clear majority in favour of the Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan is created by the local community and it helps to guide development in the locality.  Once a Neighbourhood Plan is in place it becomes part of a suite of Plans used by the Council to determine planning applications.

Following the outcome of the referendum the Plan will now be presented to a meeting of Full Council on 6 October to be formally adopted.

There was a turnout of 28% for the referendum and 321 votes out of 348 were cast in favour of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

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