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Land Charges Search Results

Your Land Charges search results may have included types of work that are part of a Competent Persons Scheme. This is because certain types of building work are self-certified by registered installers or engineers.

You can find more details in the website's Competent Person Scheme page, where it provides the relevant information to determine the type of work undertaken to a property.

Each Competent Persons Scheme periodically provides us with details of all self-certified building work undertaken within the Tunbridge Wells Borough area. It is recorded in our information data system and declared on any land Charges search.

If you are a Solicitor or working on behalf of a property owner, please do not submit a Freedom of Information Request for copies of Completion Certificates for building work undertaken by a member of a Competent Persons Scheme. We do not hold any Certificates from Competent Persons Schemes for self-certified work and any requests for this information will inevitably delay the sale of a property.

If your Land Charges search result includes building work with a reference that starts with IN then the homeowner deposited a building regulations application with an Approved Inspector. If you require a copy of a Final Certificate then we may be able to provide this information if the Approved Inspector has forwarded the Final Certificate to us. If we do not have a copy then you will need to contact the Approved Inspector. If your Approved Inspector has ceased trading then we would advise that every effort is made to recover any correspondence you may have and contact ourselves immediately.