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Dangerous structures and demolitions


Dangerous structures

Buildings and structures may become dangerous for a number of reasons. Due to the age of the property, lack of maintenance, general deterioration, inclement weather or by more dramatic causes such as fire, explosion or impact by vehicles.

Once a potential dangerous building or structure is reported, the Building Control Surveyor will attend site as soon as possible to determine the extent and nature of the problem and appropriate action, for example:

  • In situations where the building or structure is not in imminent danger, the surveyor will cone off the area if necessary to ensure the public are kept at a safe distance and contact the owner to discuss how the owner's contractor can rectify the situation within a reasonable period. In default of which the council would have no alternative but to apply to the magistrates court for an order requiring the owner to execute such works as may be necessary to obviate the danger.
  • In more serious cases of danger to the public the council may, if practical, give notice to the owner to carry out the required works immediately. Failure to comply, or in situations where it is not practical to give notice, may result in the work being carried out and the costs recovered from the owner.

Report a dangerous structure

To report a structure that you consider may be dangerous please call our Building Control team on 01892 554124 or 01892 554116.

If your call is outside of working hours then please call our emergency out of hours service on 01892 352777.


With few exceptions, any person who intends to demolish a building is required to give notice to the building control service six weeks prior to the demolition commencing.

A Building Control Surveyor can impose conditions or agree methods of working to safeguard public health and safety, etc. A copy of the formal notice served by the council, generally on the demolition contractor, will be forwarded to the occupier of any adjacent building and to the relevant statutory authorities in order for them to take appropriate action for the disconnection of gas, electricity and water supplies and the protection of their mains.

Our charge for administering a demolition notice is £210 (VAT free).