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Decisions and appeals

About 90% of planning applications are determined by officers in accordance with a scheme of delegation.

However, where applications are to be determined by councillors, a Planning Committee meets:

Part 3 (responsibility for functions and scheme of delegations) of the Council's constitution also requires that applications of a significant nature, or which are a significant departure from the development plan, need to be referred to the planning board.

Appealing a decision

An applicant has a right to appeal if they are dissatisfied with our decision or we have not made a decision within a set period (usually 8 weeks). Appeals are made to the First Secretary of State and are administered by the Planning Inspectorate.

When appealing please use the online appeal service.

Householder appeals must usually be lodged within 12 weeks, all others within six months from the date of the decision notice. Appeals submitted outside this time may be turned away by the Planning Inspectorate.

Challenging an appeal decision

The decision of the First Secretary of State is final and can only be challenged in the High Court on a point of law.

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