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A dispensation, also known as a works permit, allows a vehicle to park on a waiting restriction.

The dispensation may be issued for legitimate works requiring regular (for example once every 20 minutes) access for the use of tools or equipment that cannot easily be removed from the vehicle, or where the vehicle itself is needed in order to carry out a function.

How to get a dispensation

  • call RingGo 01892 88 78 68 on the day you require the dispensation
  • quote the location number 28518

Dispensations cannot be purchased in advance.

You can purchase a maximum of five consecutive days.

No refunds are available.

Please note it is no longer possible to purchase dispensations from our Gateway office.

How much does a dispensation cost?

  • £15 per vehicle per day
  • calls to 01892 88 78 68 will be charged at your standard network rate

How does a dispensation work?

  • valid in the Tunbridge Wells borough only
  • vehicles can be parked on waiting restrictions
  • materials or goods must not be deposited on the footway or carriageway, except immediately at the rear of the vehicle
  • access to the pedestrian area on Calverley Road must be made in advance, please contact us to arrange this

The vehicle must not be positioned:

  • so is causes an obstruction in any way to pedestrians or vehicles
  • within 18.5m (approx 60 feet) of any traffic signal controlled junction, bus stop, school or hospital entrance
  • in a bus or cycle lane during prescribed hours of operation of that lane
  • in a parking bay specified for other use, such as a taxi bay, disabled bay, residents only bay
  • wholly or partly on a footway
  • where a loading restriction is in force
  • in council public car parks

How does a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) know I have paid?

No ticket is needed. The CEO will check your vehicle registration and location with RingGo.