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Terms and conditions

Car park terms and conditions

  • 24 hour maximum stay unless payment allows otherwise
  • access only for parking a vehicle
  • all vehicles must be taxed and insured
  • drive slowly and safely
  • follow directional signs

Penalty charge notice

A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued for parking:

  • a vehicle not of a specified class
  • after the expiry of paid for time
  • beyond bay marking
  • without paying or checking in
  • in a bay reserved for a particular user
  • in a blue badge bay without displaying a valid blue badge
  • in an electric vehicle charging place without charging or beyond specified time
  • in a permit bay without clearly displaying a valid permit
  • in a suspended bay
  • on yellow lines or hatched areas
  • outside the hours of operation
  • when the car park is closed

Not permitted

The following activities are not permitted:

  • ball games, sports or fitness activities
  • behaviour to the annoyance of other car park users and neighbours
  • car club / enthusiast meets
  • cooking / sleeping / camping
  • driving lessons
  • engine idling
  • loitering
  • obstructing access to other users or adjoining premises
  • refuelling
  • roller skating, skateboarding and cycling
  • selling a vehicle
  • sounding your horn
  • speeding
  • threatening or abusive words or behaviour
  • trading from a vehicle
  • vehicle repairs