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What you need to know

  • Short stay - open 24 hours
  • 6'6" (1.98m) height restriction
  • Pay by coins or RingGo
  • RingGo location code 28514
  • South Eastern Railway season tickets available for red bays
  • Free Blue Badge parking
  • Free motorcycling parking


TariffRingGo Pay and Display
1 hour £0.70£0.80
2 hours £1.30 £1.40
3 hours £3.70 £3.80
4 hours £4.60 £4.70
5 hours £5.90 £6.00
24 hours £10.30 £10.40
Night rate £1.50 £1.50

Day rate

  • Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm
  • Sunday 10am to 5pm

Night rate

  • Monday to Wednesday 6pm to 5am
  • Friday to Sunday 6pm to 5am

Free parking

  • Monday to Saturday 5am to 8am
  • Sunday 5am to 10am
  • Thursday 6pm to 8am

Registering your stay

On arrival, register your stay at the Pay Point or use RingGo (mobile App or phone).

This is a pay and display car park and a valid ticket must be clearly displayed in your vehicle if you have registered your stay at the Pay Point.

E-tickets purchased from SABA are not valid in this car park.

Red and white bays

South Eastern Railway (SABA) Season and Day Tickets are only valid in red bays and cannot be used in white bays.

Tickets must be purchased from the SABA machine at the rail user entrance to the car park.

After 10.30am you can park in a red bay upon paying the charges at a Pay Point within the car park.


The car park lifts are available every day and are located at the main pedestrian exit.

Additional information

Blue Badge holders park for free with no time limitation A valid Blue Badge must be clearly displayed. You do not need to register your stay at a Pay Point.

The height restriction is 6'6" (1.98m). If your vehicle exceeds the height restriction please contact us for advice. In most cases your vehicle can be accommodated in an alternative parking area.