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Tunbridge Wells car club expands to Hawkenbury

Tunbridge Wells car club expands, now with nine cars available for use by Co Wheels Car Club members.

Co Wheels, the social enterprise car club in Tunbridge Wells, has now expanded to nine cars available locally for use by members.

The most recent addition to the fleet was added in January 2024 and is located on Duncalf Road, Hawkenbury.

The Tunbridge Wells car club was launched by the council in 2014 as a one-year pilot, with just two vehicles. Its popularity is such that it is now the biggest car club in the South East with over 500 members. Members benefit from being able to hire a car for just an hour or several days without any of the costs associated with owning a vehicle like insurance, maintenance and repair costs.

Using a car club vehicle can provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of getting around, reducing the need for privately owned vehicles.

Cllr Jayne Sharratt, Cabinet Member for Carbon Reduction and Sustainability said:

I know from talking to residents that so many of you want to travel in a more sustainable way but are frustrated because a mix of public transport and active travel won't take you to all the places you need to get to. I love the car club model because it so brilliantly empowers people to reduce their car use, and its popularity here in Tunbridge Wells is a testament to our residents' willingness to embrace that concept. We know that when people make the switch from car ownership to a mix of car club, active travel and public transport, it's not just a win for the environment - it's great for health and saves money too. I'm delighted that the new Co Wheels vehicle is going to be in Hawkenbury because it is the first time, we have placed one outside the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells, and it's wonderful that more residents will be able to enjoy the benefits of car club membership.

The Co Wheels cars are located in dedicated bays throughout Tunbridge Wells and are available for use 24/7.

Visit the Co Wheels website for more information about the car club and where your nearest car is located.

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