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Strategic Plan: why your opinion matters

We're consulting on our draft Strategic Plan. Read more about why you should share your views.

We’re running a consultation on our draft Strategic Plan. This plan sets out the Council’s priorities for the next five years and the actions that will help us improve the borough.

We want to know whether our priorities align with yours, and what you think of the actions we’ve listed in the plan, which can be downloaded from this page. Take the survey and help shape our priorities now.

Strategic Plan 2024-2029

At the council, we run a lot of consultations: whether it’s travelling after dark, how we spend our budget, or how you’ve been impacted by climate change, as a resident of Tunbridge Wells you have probably been asked to take part in one of our surveys. We’re grateful that residents are keen to share their views with us via our consultation portal, Talking Point.

You’ve taken the time to take the survey, so what happens next?

The results of surveys are analysed either by our Research and Insight Officer or by the team running the consultation. Every response is read before the data is turned into reports which influence the way we deliver our services.

A great example is the Better Streets project, which aims to improve traffic flow and accessibility of streets in St John’s and St James’ neighbourhoods and the surrounding areas. We ran the first stage of engagement on this project last summer, asking residents to tell us which areas they had concerns about, and we have now released our plans for changes to those areas based on that data.

If you’d like to share your views on the second phase of the Better Streets project, you can take part now on Talking Point.

Put simply: consultations and surveys are an opportunity for residents to tell us what they think. By taking part in our consultations, you are adding your voice to the conversation about what TWBC should be doing and how.

You can have your say today by taking part in our Strategic Plan survey.

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