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Anti-social driving monitored by CCTV

Two drivers have been given warning notices for anti-social driving in the Council’s Crescent Road car park on separate occasions this month (April 2024).

CCTV staff in the town hall monitoring the area notified Kent Police when the drivers were seen drifting the cars – an anti-social way to drive and potentially very dangerous, as well as being annoying for other car park users and neighbours.

Police officers issued both drivers with warning notices under s59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 which mean that if the cars are stopped again in similar circumstances they can be seized by police.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Community Safety Manager Terry Hughes said: ‘Vehicle nuisance played a significant role in reports of anti-social behaviour last year; so the vigilance of the borough’s CCTV operators and this swift response by Kent Police to these incidents is very welcome and shows the value of partnership working. Last month a nuisance motorcycle was also served with a s59 notice for similar anti-social acts'.

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