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Borough Partnership continues following local elections

Council Leader Ben Chapelard said:

We continue to work with one single and only objective: doing the best for our residents and our borough.

The Borough Partnership is made up of Liberal Democrats (LD), Tunbridge Wells Alliance (TWA) and Labour (Lab) councillors, and the independent councillor for Paddock Wood (East).

Cabinet members
Councillor Chapelard (LD) also confirmed members of his Cabinet:

  • Cllr Nancy Warne (TWA) – Communities and Deputy Leader
  • Cllr Justine Rutland (LD) – Economic Development
  • Cllr Jayne Sharratt (Lab) – Sustainability
  • Cllr Hugo Pound (Lab) – Housing and Planning
  • Cllr Wendy Fitzsimmons (LD) – Sport, Leisure and Health
  • Cllr Ellen Neville (TWA) – Environmental Services
  • Cllr Christopher Hall (LD) – Finance and Performance

Cllr Chapelard confirmed the appointment of seven champions to help the Council deliver its priorities:

  • Cllr Peter Lidstone (LD), Walking and Cycling Champion
  • Cllr Mark Ellis (LD), Town Market Champion
  • Cllr Matthew Sankey (TWA), Local Business Champion
  • Cllr Alex Britcher-Allan (Lab), Charities and Voluntary Sector Champion
  • Cllr Steve McMillan (TWA), Planning Champion
  • Cllr David Knight (TWA), Rural Communities Champion
  • Cllr Paul Roberts (Cons), Armed Forces Covenant Champion

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