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Crescent Road Car Park, Tunbridge Wells, planned maintenance works

Lift and staircase structural survey

We have arranged for a structural survey of the lift and staircase part of the car park building. To enable the structural engineer to carry out a full survey the ivy that currently covers this part of the building needs to be removed. This will be carried out during January and February to avoid the bird nesting season.

During the ivy removal and subsequent structural survey care will be taken to ensure that any existing bird and bat boxes fixed to the building are left undisturbed or replaced like for like if they are already damaged or missing. Also, the company carrying out the ivy removal will take special care to ensure that no birds, bats or any other animals are disturbed. If any animals are found as the ivy is removed the works will be stopped immediately and appropriate advice sought.

If the survey identifies the need for repair work this will be carried out as soon as possible after the survey.

The ivy has provided a useful habitat for birds and bats and to compensate for its loss we will undertake new planting around the car park and we will provide further bird and bat boxes.

For further information please contact Paul Doherr on 01892 544010 or email

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