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Beam and the Council helping people into work

An information event for residents who have sought housing assistance to find out about the innovative project being run by the Council in partnership with Beam was held on Monday 14 August in Royal Victoria Place, Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Beam is a social enterprise that delivers well-being, employment and housing support to individuals in housing need and vulnerable individuals. The extra support that comes from Beam through caseworkers and crowdfunding can be a turning point in helping local people move into training, work, and into permanent accommodation.

The partnership with Beam has been running for nearly 12 months and 94 residents have been referred to the project. Forty-four are being supported to find employment or housing, three people have started paid work and one family has found housing.

As a result of the event in Royal Victoria Place a further six residents signed up to the initiative.

People who join the Beam scheme have a fundraising page on Beam’s website and can crowdfund the cost of items that can be a financial obstacle to starting work. On their page they can include their story and a budget breakdown of how much they need to raise. Supporters can donate and leave a message for the person they are helping.

Jack, one of Beam’s current Tunbridge Wells clients said:

Over a year and a half ago I became really depressed and unmotivated after losing my last job due to mental health reasons. Things got really bad for a time, no motivation to do anything besides sit in my room and do nothing.

After I started getting help with taking care of myself better, my landlords recommended I reach out to a company called Beam. Beam has given me incredible support on my journey to get back into work.

My case worker was nothing but supportive and understanding during the entire process, and while I ended up getting a different job than the one I initially mentioned I wanted, they still gave me 110% support for it.

If anyone is having a hard time getting back into work, for whatever reason, Beam is the best first step anyone can take.

Hugo Pound, Cabinet member for Housing and Planning, said:

I am so grateful to the Council’s fantastic Housing Team for introducing Beam; this is an innovative way forward for the Council to help residents whom we currently place in temporary accommodation to gain the confidence and skills to find work and secure appropriate accommodation.

Meaningful work, a place of your own and the confidence and support to really make a go of it are something the Council is proud to be supporting.

Seb Barker, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Beam, said:

Beam's technology is bringing local communities closer to homeless people, who are ready and willing to start work but face a lot of barriers.

By partnering with Beam, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is investing in new and innovative ways to tackle homelessness, and we're excited to support many more disadvantaged people in Tunbridge Wells to access the support they need to leave homelessness for good.

If you’d like to help Jack’s campaign or donate to another campaign for someone being supported by Beam, please visit the Beam website.

If you are homeless or at risk of losing your home, assistance can be sought from the Council’s Housing Options Team by visiting the Kent Homechoice website.

More about Beam

Beam's unique model harnesses the power of community and technology to help service users overcome their barriers, improve their wellbeing, and grow the requisite skills to live and work independently. Since their founding in 2017, Beam's 1-2-1 caseworker support and crowdfunding provision has enabled over 1,500 service users to secure stable work and housing.

Beam is currently working with the DWP and over 50 local to deliver the support programme across the UK. They have won 34 awards for their service - including ‘Best Technology Social Enterprise’ in the Social Enterprise UK Awards and ‘Best Use of Technology in Homelessness’ at the Homeless Link Awards.

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