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Integrated pollution control

Some industrial processes need a permit to operate because they release emissions to air, water or land and can include noise and vibrations. Permits for large more complicated processes are given by the Environment Agency. Smaller less complicated ones are given by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

If you need a permit but don’t have one you can be prosecuted for operating illegally.

A full list of processes that need a permit with guidance notes can be found on the local authority pollution control webpage on GOV.UK along with application and other forms that you may need. Alternatively you can contact us and we will we send you one.

There is a fee for each permit which is set by DEFRA not the Council, this is changed each year and can be found on the GOV.UK environmental permitting page.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council keeps a public register of all permits in the borough.

If you have any questions or complaints about permitted premises please contact the Environmental Protection team.