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Noise from building works

Prior Consent

There is a legal mechanism known as Prior Consent that enables developers and contractors to agree noise controls in advance of works starting. The prior consent procedure has advantages for difficult projects and normal works alike:

  • Showing that you have adopted a considered, cooperative and responsible approach.
  • Enabling you to manage the construction noise concerns of local residents effectively
  • Building in costs for noise assessment and control
  • Preventing delays or further costs where the council finds it necessary to intervene
  • formally for construction noise control during the works

Prior consent may be granted under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 section 61, subject to conditions. Noise from construction works carried out in accordance with a prior consent will not lead to enforcement. However it is an offence not to comply with the conditions imposed in a prior consent.

If you would like to know more about applying for a prior consent please contact us on 01622 6024500 or at

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