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Club premises certificate

You need a certificate to:

  • sell or supply alcohol to members or guests
  • provide regulated entertainment, like musical performances or film screenings to members or guests

If your club holds a club premises certificate:

  • it may be able to supply alcohol to members and sell it to guests without the need for any member or employee to hold a personal licence - depending on what the certificate allows
  • it doesn’t need to specify a Designated Premises Supervisor
  • police and licensing officers have more limited rights of entry because the premises are private

To qualify for a certificate, your club must make sure that:

  • a person may not be given memberships or as a candidate for membership to any membership privileges without an interval of at least two days from their membership application or nomination and their membership being granted
  • that club rules state that those becoming members without nomination or application cannot have membership privileges for at least two days between them becoming members and being admitted to the club
  • that the club is established and conducted in good faith
  • that the club has at least 25 members
  • that alcohol is only supplied to members on the premises on behalf or by the club

To apply please complete our application form, and pay the correct fee.

Applications should be submitted with:

  • a plan of the premises which must be in a specific format
  • a copy of the rules of the club and a club operating schedule (see below)

Apply for a certificate

Club operating schedule

A club operating schedule is a document which must be in a specific format and which includes information on:

  • the activities of the club
  • the times the activities are to take place
  • other opening times
  • if alcohol supplies are for consumption on or off the premises or both
  • the steps that the club propose to take to promote the licensing objectives
  • any other information that is required

Declaration for a club premises certificate

If you wish to be notified of any variations or changes to a Club Premises Certificate, you can complete the Declaration for a club premises certificate application form. The council will then notify you of any action in relation to the certificate.

A Club Premises Certificate, unless required for a specified limited period, will continue until revoked or surrendered.

However, you are required to pay an annual fee. This fee will support the costs of the licensing inspection system and the enforcement of the regime.

Renew a certificate

A change may be an application for the variation of the certificate, a change of details such as club name, or a change in club rules.

To notify the council of the change, complete the application form, and pay the relevant fee.

Change a certificate

You’ll be charged a fee that’s based on the rateable value of the property.

If your premises doesn’t have a rateable value it will fall into the lowest fee band.

The fees are set by the Home Office. More information can be found on the website.

Please note - there are additional fees for exceptionally large venues.

New Applications and Variations

A £100
B £190
C £315
D £450
E £635

Annual Charge

A £70
B £180
C £295
D £320
E £350

Other Fees

Replacement of certificate or summary £10.50
Notification of change of name or alteration of club rules £10.50
Change of relevant registered address of club £10.50
Right of freeholder to be notified of licensing matters £21