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Immigration application property inspection

Our Private Sector Housing team can undertake property inspections for people applying to come to the UK temporarily or permanently.

The inspection will:

  • check for serious hazards
  • make sure that the house is big enough for everyone who wants to live there

How to apply

Please complete our online application form.

Before you start

As part of your application, you will need to upload copies of proof of identity for the person(s) applying to come to the UK.

The following documents are accepted:

  • current passport
  • current driving licence
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate (where the person applying is a spouse)

Start now

If you have any questions about the application form, please contact us by email to

Please note there is a fee of £110 for an inspection. The fee is payable on acceptance of the application and before the inspection takes place. You can pay your fee online.

Arranging your inspection

Once we have received your application, we will contact you to make an appointment to visit and inspect the property.

We will ask you to provide copies of the current Gas Safety Certificate and Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

If the property is suitable you will receive a letter that can be used as part of the UK visa application.

Fee payment

You can make your fee payment securely using our online payments system.

Before you start

To make a payment online you will need:

  • a debit or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only)
  • the first line of the property address to be inspected

Pay now