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Report a food hygiene concern

We deal with food hygiene concerns in Tunbridge Wells. If your concern is about a food business outside the borough, please contact the relevant local authority.

Before you start

You may remain anonymous, but we are unable to take formal action without your name and address.

We will need:

  • details of the problem
  • the name of the food business
  • the address of the food business (if you have it)

Start now

What happens after I report a concern?

We carry out a thorough investigation of your concern. This may include an inspection of the food establishment and a check to ensure that they are doing all that they should to ensure the food they provide is safe. The investigating officer will contact you to advise you of the findings and to let you know what action has been taken.

Food labelling issues

Issues with food labelling are dealt with by Kent County Council Trading Standards.