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Vote at a polling station

Each voter has a specific polling station serving their area. A poll card is sent to everyone on the electoral register shortly before an election, giving the address of the polling station.

You do not need to take your poll card with you to be able to vote, but it will speed up the voting process if you do.

If you do not receive a poll card before an election, but think you are registered to vote, please contact us.

Voter photo ID

When voting at a polling station you must present a valid form of photographic identification (photo ID). This requirement was introduced by the government through the Elections Act 2022 and applies to all voters who vote in person or by proxy.

You can find out more on our voter photo ID page.

Find your polling station

To find your polling station, enter your postcode into the search box and select your address. The map will zoom to your address and display details of your polling station.

If you are unable to use this map, please use our online form to request the information in an accessible format.