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Voter ID statistics

It is now a requirement for anyone voting in a polling station to present a valid form of photo ID.

This page provides borough and polling station level statistics about voter ID at the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council election held on Thursday 2 May 2024.

Borough level statistics

The Returning Officer for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council made the decision that 'greeters' would not be used at any of our polling stations. This means that every elector who attended a polling station had their voter ID checked once inside the polling station. Every elector who was not able to vote because they did not have voter ID was recorded by staff.

The borough level voter ID statistics for the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council election held on Thursday 2 May 2024 are listed below.

Polling stations in use 59
Voters who used a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) 88
Electors who were not issued with a ballot paper as they did not have an accepted type of photo ID 79
Electors who later returned with an accepted type of photo ID and were issued a ballot paper 54
Electors who were refused a ballot paper 0

Polling station statistics

Please select a polling station from the drop-down list below, then click 'View statistics' to view the voter ID statistics for that station. Polling stations are grouped in their ward areas.

Some polling station venues will appear twice, as they host 'dual stations' where there are two ballot boxes. The ballot box number is shown in brackets.

If you would prefer, you can download all of the data in a single CSV file. Click here to download the raw data.