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Annual canvass

The annual canvass is a process each local authority undertakes every year to update the Electoral Register. The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) is legally required to keep the register of eligible voters up to date.

Starting Monday 10 July, we will contact every household in the borough to find out if the details on the Electoral Register are correct.

The type of contact you receive will depend on the information we have available for the property. Where required, you must respond to our communication as soon as possible to confirm or change your details.

Respond online

The fastest and easiest way to respond is online. You can use our online service to confirm that there are no changes to the information we hold, or to tell us about any changes that need to be made.

Before you start

You will need:

  • the two security codes you received in the communication from us
  • your postcode
  • the names and nationalities of all those eligible to vote at your property

Start now

Respond by telephone

You can respond by using our automated freephone service from a landline or mobile. Our freephone service can only be used to confirm there are no changes to the information we hold or that there is nobody eligible to vote at your property. It cannot be used to tell us about any changes.

To use our freephone service you will need the two security codes you received in the communication from us and your postcode.

Our freephone service can be accessed 24/7 by calling 0800 197 9871.

Further information

Reminder forms will be sent to households where no response has been received.

The information we receive back from households will be used to create our new Electoral Register ready for publication on 1 December 2023.

Register to vote

If you have not registered to vote at your property, or you have moved address, please register online (opens in a new window) along with responding to any form you receive from us.

By completing the registration process, you will ensure that you can vote in future elections and improve your credit rating. The earliest scheduled elections are due to be held on Thursday 2 May 2024.

Voter ID

From May 2023, anyone voting in a polling station must present a valid form of photographic identification (photo ID). This new requirement was introduced by the government through the Elections Act 2022 and applies to all voters who vote in person or by proxy.

Find out more on our voter photo ID page.

Postal or proxy voting

You may wish to consider applying for a postal or proxy vote for future elections.

Find out more on our register to vote page.

Frequently asked questions

For answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the annual canvass, please visit our annual canvass FAQ page.