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Competency framework

We believe it's important that everyone is clear about what's expected of them while at work. The knowledge and skills that are expected from a job are clarified in the job description and person specification for any role. Additionally the competency framework describes what's expected in terms of attitude and behaviour. The framework is underpinned by our organisational values:

  • Responsibility
  • Openness
  • Aspiration
  • Respect

Contributing to an environment where a positive two way flow of information exists. Engaging with the aims and values of the organisation.

Demonstrating an understanding of the changing needs of internal and external customers and striving to meet those needs. Showing a passion for improving and developing services.

Planning ahead, setting priorities, objectives and deadlines and making sure they are met. Ensuring that long and short-term goals are delivered both individually and as part of a team.

Working effectively with colleagues regardless of status or department. Recognising and valuing the contribution of everyone to the achievements of the council. Treating everyone with dignity and respect at all times and maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanour.

Adopting a positive approach to lifelong learning and development of self and others. Continuously seeking to develop personal knowledge, skills and expertise and opportunities to use in the workplace. Giving constructive and positive feedback to others as appropriate. Recognising and celebrating both personal, team and organisational success.

Understanding and demonstrating the need to embrace change. Seeing this as an opportunity and being prepared to be flexible to achieve goals. Seeking opportunities to transform yourself and your team for the good of the organisation. As well as being willing to try new ways of working and approaching them with an open mind.

Leadership and management competencies - additional for all managers

Leadership behaviour at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is expected to be consistent at all levels. We believe that there are four important elements that underpin the way we expect managers to act and these are defined by Best Companies as ‘MC3’.

  • Motivation (be energising and inspiring)
  • Considering (be supportive and recognise achievements and concerns)
  • Conversing (informing and listening)
  • Caring (be understanding and show concern)

The purpose of these management behaviours is to give everyone a consistent approach to what is expected from them as managers. They also help to give a clear picture to staff as to what can be expected from their managers.

We have four additional competencies that are key to delivering leadership and management to the council and the teams within it.

Giving guidance and direction to staff they are responsible for. Building effective relationships of trust. Motivating, inspiring and empowering staff through their vision, as well as being a role model for honesty and integrity.

Making efficient, effective and responsible use of the council’s resources. Using its technical, financial and physical capabilities for the benefit of the organisation.

Looking for opportunities to make changes and improvements, as well as transformations to work, teams, services and the organisation as a whole.

Acting in the best interest of the council and supporting the strategic vision.