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Councillor allowances and expenses

Borough councillors receive an allowance each year for conducting their duties. This might include, but is not limited to, activities such as attending council meetings, conducting work or research on behalf of residents, attending local events and resolving issues in their local community. They are also able to claim expenses, such as travel costs, which relate to their work as councillors.

All allowances and expenses are paid in line with Part 6 of the Council's Constitution and the total amount paid to each councillor is published at the end of each financial year.

We have published the amounts paid for the financial year 2019/20, along with amounts for all years since 2008, on our transparency on spend page.

Members' allowances and expenses scheme

The basic and special responsibility allowances payable under the members' allowance scheme are as follows:

All councillors £5,500 Basic
Minority group leaders £275  
Leader £19,250 Special
Cabinet member £11,000 Special
Chair of Scrutiny Committee £1,375 Special
Chair of Licensing Committee £1,375 Special
Chair of General Purposes Committee £1,375 Special
Chair of Joint Transportation Board £1,375 Special
Chair of Audit and Governance Committee £1,375 Special
Chair of Planning Committee £5,500 Special
Vice Chair of Planning Committee £1,320 Special
Co-opted members
Independent members of Audit and Governance Committee

Only one special responsibility allowance may be claimed in addition to the basic allowance, except for minority group leaders.

In accordance with Part 3 (13) of the regulations any member may elect to forgo all or part of his/her entitlement to allowances by notifying the Director of Finance, Policy and Development.

In addition, the following travel and subsistence allowances are also payable under the Members’ Allowances Scheme

Childcare and dependent carers' allowance

An allowance for any approved duty at the national living wage for childcare and £16 per hour for carers.

Travel allowance rates

The motor vehicle mileage rates will be paid in accordance with the approved mileage rates published by HM Revenues and Customs. The current rates for mileage are as follows:

  Cars and vans Motor cyclesBicycles
First 10,000 business miles in a tax year 45p 24p 20p
Each business mile over 10,000 in a tax year 25p 24p 20p

Re-imbursement will be limited to comparable costs of using public transport where the Director of Finance, Policy and Development determines that public transport was a practical alternative.

Travel by bus, rail and taxi will be at the standard fare rate.

Subsistence allowances

Rates are those published by the South East Employers for 2010/11. Re-imbursement is upon submission of a receipt up to a maximum of:

Meal typeAmount
Breakfast £6.88
Lunch £9.50
Dinner £11.76

Accommodation will be reimbursed at reasonable actual cost.

Mayor's allowance

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the Borough Council receive a small allowance (on top of their basic councillor allowance) for the year, to help them undertake their civic duties. They do not receive any other payments or pensions. The allowances they receive for their civic duties are:

Mayor £5,380
Deputy Mayor £1,080