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Bench donation scheme

Would you like to mark a special family event, anniversary, celebration, or perhaps to remember someone special? Then you may be interested in donating a bench in one of our parks.


Apply to donate a bench

You can apply to donate a bench using our online form.

Before you start

  • read the further information below
  • decide in which park or open space you would like to donate a bench
  • choose the type of bench you would like to donate from the options below

Apply now

Although we prefer to receive applications online, we can provide a PDF version of our application form for printing and completing by hand. Please contact us for further details.

Further information

Donations to cover the costs of placing benches are always welcomed in the following parks and open spaces:

  • Calverley Grounds
  • Grosvenor and Hilbert Recreation Grounds
  • Hawkenbury Recreation Ground
  • St John’s Recreation Ground
Owing to the popularity of the bench donation scheme in Dunorlan Park, we cannot accept any further applications for benches.

Benches are manufactured using oak from responsibly managed sources (see the notes accompanying the photos below). Design details and donation scales are shown below. Our Parks Administrator will be pleased to help you make your choice.

Your donated bench can carry an inscription. This will be engraved (or routed) on the top rail of the back rest. All wording needs to be approved by our Parks Administrator.

The location of your donated bench will be agreed with you and your wishes will be considered whenever possible. However, we may need to move benches in the future, if necessary.

Benches are guaranteed for ten years. If your bench should become damaged within this time, we will attempt to repair it (if possible) or replace it. Beyond ten years we may remove the bench if deemed necessary. If we take this course of action, we will inform you and provide a quote for a new bench.

Bench options

There are two types of bench to choose from, the Cavendish or the Woodland.

Both bench types can carry an inscription engraved on the back bar. Any inscription of up to 30 characters is included in the price of the bench. For inscriptions of more than 30 characters there is a charge of £2.50 for each additional character.


Picture of a cavendish bench

The Cavendish bench is manufactured using seasoned oak (see seasoned oak note).

This bench can be placed in Calverley Grounds, Grosvenor Recreation Ground, Hawkenbury Recreation Ground and St John’s Recreation Ground.

Cost: £1100 for a bench that is 180cm (6ft) long.


Picture of a woodland seat bench

The Woodland bench is manufactured using green oak (see green oak note).

This bench can be placed in Hilbert Recreation Ground.

Cost: £500 for a bench that is 200cm (6ft 6ins) long.

Seasoned oak is an attractive, durable, and hard-wearing wood which has been used for centuries in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. However, oak does sometimes tend to split. This does not adversely affect its use or lifespan; indeed, it often adds character to oak furniture.

Green oak is a hard, heavy, and durable wood which is ideal for rustic seating. Because it is used without being dried it has a high moisture content. This means that some splitting and warping is to be expected, usually in the first year. The use or lifespan of the bench is not adversely affected.

Register of Donations

We keep a Register of Donations which gives details of a bench donor’s name and a short message. No charge is made for entries in the Register.

View the Register of Donations

Contact us

For more information about the bench donation scheme, please contact our parks team.