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Garden waste bin

Your black bin is for garden waste.

Fortnightly collection: when you sign-up to our opt-in garden waste service, you will be given more details about your garden waste bin collection dates.

🛈 The garden waste service has changed

Our garden waste service is now an opt-in service provided for an annual charge of £52. When you sign-up (opt-in), you will receive a new 250 litre black wheeled bin which will be for garden waste only.

✔ What can go in the bin?

Grass cuttings
Plants and flowers
Hedge trimmings
Windfall fruit
Small branches (up to 5cm diameter)
Real Christmas trees (5cm trunk diameter and left beside bin)

It is easy to sign-up to the opt-in garden waste service and pay online. If you wish to have your garden waste collected fortnightly please sign-up.

Sign up

✖ What cannot go in the bin?

  • soil or turf
  • stones
  • cat and dog litter
  • animal bedding
  • plastic plant pots
  • polystyrene
  • compostable or cornstarch bags
  • fence panels and posts
  • treated wood
  • Japanese knotweed
  • glass
  • fake Christmas trees
  • ash

How do I dispose of my garden waste if I choose not to opt-in to the garden waste service?

You can compost garden waste at home or you can take it to the North Farm household waste and recycling centre.