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Report a faulty street light

You can use this service to tell us about a faulty streetlight.

Before you start

Most streetlights are maintained by Kent County Council and faults have to be reported directly to them. Please ensure you follow the procedure below to identify who maintains the streetlight.  We cannot report faults on your behalf to the relevant responsible organisation and will only action faults on streetlights maintained by us.

  1. Identify who maintains the streetlight:
    • Use Kent County Council's map tool to locate the faulty light(s) by entering a postcode, street name, town or streetlight column number, or alternatively zoom and drag the map until you see the blue dots representing the streetlights
    • Click on the blue dot that represents the faulty streetlight. A pop-up window will provide you with the information of ‘Streetlight number’, ‘Location’ and Owner’
  2. For Kent County Council streetlights:
    • If the owner is 'County Council' please report the fault directly to KCC by clicking ‘Yes’ under the ‘Is this the location of the fault?’ in the pop-up window.
  3. For Housing Association streetlights:
  4. For Parish streetlights:
  5. For Tunbridge Wells Borough Council streetlights:
    • If the owner is ‘District’ please make a note or copy the (you will need this information to report the fault to us):
      • streetlight number
      • location
    • Use the ‘Start now’ button below to report the faulty street light to us.

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