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Terms and conditions

A doctor’s or hospital letter is required for a resident to be eligible for a clinical waste collection service. Once a letter is obtained, the required clinical waste collection can be booked.

Clinical waste service sign ups and collections can be organised online or by calling 01892 526121.


The container sizes available are 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 11 ltr or clinical waste sacks. Yellow wheeled bins for sacks will not be available.

Please select the container size required at the time of booking. Please note the size of container cannot be changed once the collection has been booked. The size of the container provided is at the council’s discretion. The container provided may also change depending on availability.

Any existing containers that are not 1, 5, or 11 ltr will be replaced with the closest appropriate size on the next collection.

Collections and deliveries

Collections will take place once a week on a Wednesday. If the collection day falls on a public holiday, collections will not be made. Collections will be scheduled for the next working day. Any changes to this will be communicated to residents affected.

Operatives will not enter any properties without prior agreement and all containers must be placed at an agreed collection point.

Once a collection is booked residents will receive specified collection dates. Collections will take place between 7am and 5pm. Containers must be presented at the agreed collection point before 7am on the day of collection.

Any replacement containers will be left at the point of collection.

Operatives will always carry an identification card and will freely present it on request.

Types of collection

Required, unscheduled (ad-hoc) collections must be booked separately each time online or over the telephone. Cancellations for booked ad-hoc collections must be made within two days of booking.

Recurring collections (weekly, fortnightly, and four weekly) only need to be booked once and these collections will take place automatically on the respective cycle.

Failure to collect

Missed collections must be reported online or over the telephone within one  working day of the collection being missed. The contractor will return to collect within 48 hours of the report.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council reserves the right to suspend collections in the event of adverse weather. All collections will be made once the service is able to continue.

Protection of Personal Information under the GDPR

Residents who have not requested a clinical waste collection for two years will have their personal information removed from the council’s system and their collection will be stopped. Thereafter any resident wishing to book a collection must provide a new doctor’s or hospital letter.

No personal information will be given to the contractor unless authorised by the resident.